Break the code: 100% ROI guaranteed

Online seller,
you're in trap

Selling online in 2024 means that you’re sitting on a goldmine. 

Why most of you keep relying on the same old BS?

Loads of content and tons of TikToks are going to boost your traffic, but sales are a completely different world.

Look at this if you reallywant to increase your sales in 2023

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How they print money with your losses

How they keep you enslaved

Be careful: other agencies still operate in the same way.

  • They get your trust
    • They present you shiny case studies and fancy graphics
  • They set up the trap
    • They make you pay a flat fee regardless of the results
    • They lock you in a long contract
  • They trick you
    • They get you good results in the first months
    • Then you get passed to a newer operator and you lose all of them
  • Then you’re f*cked
    • Now you’re locked in a contract with no profit and still a big fee to pay every month

It’s time to rethink your strategy and set your company (and your wallet) free.

It’s time to counter attack

Break free from the agency trap

a proven system to escape

Join the resistance

Everybody out there keeps talking about ROI, but why is nobody brave enough to guarantee it to you?

Well, we’re sick of those snowflakes too.

  • Fastest results guaranteed
    • We’ll work for you in exchange of just a set-up fee until we made you 100% of your money back (including fee and total ad spend)
    • The more time we work to get you 100% ROI, the more we spend, so the less profit we make
  • No long-term obbligations
    • You pay again only as long as we keep your campaigns profitable

You want to know more, don’t you?

Total clients profit generated
0 %
Lowered CPC

(Cost Per Contact)

Total clients ad spend

Generating more than 1.9M€

0 x
ROAS reached

(Return On Ad Spend)

Total clients profit generated
0 %
Lowered CPC

(Cost Per Contact)

Total clients ad spend

Generating more than 1.9M€

0 x
ROAS reached

(Return On Ad Spend)

Creation of a Grand-Slam Offer

Increases perceived value, for higher profit margins and more clients

Sales funnel optimization

Brings your conversion rates as high as they can go

Ads and content creation

Brings loads of high quality traffic to the Grand-Slam offer

Audit analysis

Improves the results over time with an upwards spiral, you never stop growing

Let's get serious

The finest talents on the global market

The old style corporate mindset kills online results.

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, an obsolete mindset is detrimental to your online success.

We recognize that, to excel in the online realm, innovation and adaptability are key.

That’s why we take a bold step away from outdated practices and collaborate with the best experts in the worldwide market.

Think the sky is the limit? We’ll take your business among the stars.

Don’t just trust our word: calculate by yourself how much we can bring you

the roadmap towards immense results

Ok, but how can
we make you money?

Winning offer = winning business

Everyone knows that in business the offer is key. It's what bridges you and your market. That's why we optimize it as our top priority and constantly test it

We get you a "starving crowd"

The best-selling food truck is not the one with the best food or prices, it's the one that sells to the most hungry crowd. That's why the audience is key in advertising

megafono sito
We convert as much as we can

Conversion rate depends on the offer, website and audience. We take care of all of them, so that you get the highest number of conversions possible

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Leave us your email address to access the guide

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