From mediocrity to immense results

Making M Breeches triple its results

M Breeches is an italian riding apparel startup, offering affordable riding pants for horseback riders.

In October 2020, the company registered an averages ROAS of 2, and relied on our team to bring it up.

Here’s how we got it done:

  • Our team mmediately optimized creatives and ad copy
  • During black friday, targeted people close to the brand that needed a last push to convert
    • Created an offer with a free gadget and free shipping to give customers that last push
  • Responded well to the rise of advertising prices during Christmas time
    • Due to the competitiveness of the market
  • Restyled the e-commerce to optimize the conversion rate
    • And include pre-orders for upcoming seasons and out of stock products

The results speak for themselves:

After our team’s touch:

  • ROAS went up to 7.5 during Black Friday
  • Some products were sold out
  • Even with a high CPM, some items were sold out

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