From 3.7 ROAS to 7

Boosting an italian clothing brand

A men’s clothing company from Italy, selling in 15 European countries, operated on an e-commerce and a phisical store.

In 2020, due to the pandemic, the phisical store was closed. Therefore, its owner decided to go all-in on the e-commerce and rely on our team to make it blow up.

Here’s how we got it done:

  • Our team used professional photos and videos to run multiple tests and see which one performed the best
  • Integrated Shopify’s API with the FB Pixel to properly monitor performance
  • Targeted people who recently interacted with the website
  • Showed different products based on the kind of people who watched the ad
  • Created groups of people who already interacted with the brand

The results were stunning:

After 3 months

  • The cost per conversion decreased by 40%
  • Conversion value increased by 53%
  • ROAS went up to 7
  • FB page rating went to 4.9/5

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