The story that's not being told

Solar installer, this mistake is costing you +50% of your revenue

Theoretically, to acquire a client the process you follow is pretty straightforward…

  1. Buy a lead (ads or phone number)
  2. Qualify it
  3. Set an appointment
  4. Secure the deal
But there’s a darker story that’s not being told
Let's imagine...

What nobody is noticing


You’re in a forest, looking for golden apples.

There are trees everywhere, you don’t know where to go

and which trees have the golden apples you search for.

Of course, if you walk for long enough you’ll find them

But that’s a big hassle to go through!

Let's zoom out

But why is that?

Well, that’s safe to say that:

If the forest is full of trees,

and you don’t know which ones have golden fruits,

All you can do is walk more or pay more people, in order to find more golden apples

That's exactly what installers do

That's what you do

As a solar installer,

  1. You buy leads
  2. Pay a team to make sure they’re qualified

And then you “enjoy” the deals you close…

But then, something happens…

Here things get weird

Then you find out...

You read the reports,

And it turns out that 50% (sometimes it’s even higher) of the leads your team called were unqualified

But, no problem: you’re still making money, right?

Well… kinda…

...That you've lost a bunch of money

In fact, even though the money you made from deals you closed is larger than the money you spent,

Only 50% of leads were qualified,

But your team had to call 100% of them to verify it.

So 50% of their time was spent on unqualified leads, that didn’t pay you… and NEVER will.

The problem is that you still paid for the time it took to call them

Do things have to be that way?

But, is it possible to do better?

Let’s go through this together:

50% of leads are qualified,

50% are unqualified,

Unqualified leads don’t buy (as they’re unqualified),

So: if now all of your revenue is coming from 50% of leads (qualified people),

It means that if you have 100% qualified leads, you will make twice as much money

Without even increasing the volume of leads/calls

Let me explain

Let’s say you call 100 people, and 50% of them are unqualified:

Then you can book an appointment with only 50 of them (the other 50 are unqualified).

While, if you still call 100 people, and they’re all qualified,

Then you can book an appointment with all of them, so with 100 people.

50 appointments VS 100, with the same amount of calls.

That’s 2X more.

What does it actually mean?

So, here's the catch

Your current acquisition process is making you

  • Lose 50% of the money spent on calls
  • Miss out on a 2X growth in revenue
    • (Without having to increase volume/expenses)
A massive issue.

So, how do you actually get that 2X Boost?

Let’s dive into our forest once again.

The problem was that you didn’t know which trees have the golden apples, so to find more you had to walk more or hire more people, right?

What if the trees that distract you just…


Now the problem would be solved:

No distractions left.

A bit difficult to do in nature,

but with data, you can…

How you do it

1. Get leads


  • Unlink lead volume and time
  • Get more control over your message
  • Avoid annoying people with cold calls
How to do it

2. Pre-Qualify them

90% of installers do it the wrong way:

Usually they “call out” qualified people in the ad, or have a quick lead form,

But almost nobody actually does the qualification on the ad,

and uses the info the clients gave there.

That’s extremely powerful:

They gave you that info willingly.

To do that, ask specific questions on lead ads,

and have a software that manages that information

How you do it

3. Categorize leads

Use the same software to

  • Collect information from the lead ad
  • Use it to put leads into categories, depending on the data they gave you
    • Ex: Bad roof, low credit score, low utility bill = red light. The opposite = green light
  • Train each agent to book an appointment with a specific category of leads
  • Use the software to automatically assign each lead to a specific agent, depending on the category
How to do it

4. Book an appointment

With the same software

  • Make AI start a conversation with the qualified lead
  • It will answer questions and book a call
  • If the prospect still doesn’t book, the AI puts them in a separate pipeline
  • A human agent can call leads in that pipeline to manually book the call

Result: auto follow-ups, less time spent by human agents

How you do it

Basically, you need a pipeline cleaner

The problem is:

Even with a pipeline cleaner, you would still have serious issues…

Probably, you’ll

  • Never answer immediately 100% of the calls you get
  • Have interested prospects that don’t have time for a phone call
  • Not have the best ranking on Google Maps
    • Extremely important to make interested people find you
  • Not be listed on most websites

So, you’ll still be missing tons of deals…

And the price is riddiculous

That's why we developed the one and only Pipeline Cleaner on the market


  • Gets leads (new lead magneting system)
  • Pre-qualifies them
  • Books an appointment
  • Nurture leads
  • Follows up automatically
  • Automates pipeline management
  • AI-Powered communication on Social media, phone, SMS, WhatsApp, Google MyBusiness, website web chat…
  • Automates invoicing
  • Gets 5-star reviews from your real customers
  • Lets you create websites, automations and email sequences,
  • Has an integrated dialer (cheap AF)
  • Has automated reporting for almost everything

Really, this tool has everything all in one

You can even try it for free


We set it up for you from A to Z, you don’t have to do anything.

You try it for free for 14 days, and if you don’t like it, you never paid for it,

and you didn’t even spend time to set it up.

Set and forget.

(No, we didn’t go nuts. We’re just so confident about the product that we know you’ll love it)

Oh, and don't just take our word for it...

We know what we’re talking about.

Our team made our clients millions of dollars in profit through years of Facebook Ads…

and, honestly, ads alone don’t get companies anywhere in 2024.

What matters the most is the whole process behind marketing,

it’s not impossible to find good leads:

The real game is monetizing them.

...Let numbers speak for themselves

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(Cost Per Contact)

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+ 0 $
Total clients profit generated
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Lowered CPC

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Total clients ad spend

Generating more than 1.9M€

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ROAS reached

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Ready to try it for free?

Get into the specifics of the software:

  • All its functionalities
  • How the pricing works

And enjoy your free trial!

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